Penny Skateboards

While working as Head of Product Design for Absolute Board Co, I developed the Penny "Pouch" Backpack. The Penny "Pouch" was developed through the necessity of getting to your destination on your skateboard and being able to carry your board in a simple and functional way once you get there. Not only do these backpacks serve a functional purpose but they launched with a range of custom designed patterns that appealed to the Penny demographic. From the simple and sophisticated blue, grey and black to the extra eccentric and colourful Splatter design, this range of backpacks certainly is uniquely Penny. Not only are the backpacks good for carrying an icon shaped Penny board, but we ensured that there was enough room for all the essentials, whether that be a laptop, tablet, stationary, books or water bottle.
I also designed and developed seasonal ranges that appealed to a worldwide audience.